Takedown: Can I remove content from the channels?

If an End User distributes a release and then wants it to be taken down, they can remove it from the channels by requesting a takedown.




How to request a takedown

To complete the takedown of a release the following steps shall be followed:


Go to the release from the End User account.

Go to tab "6. Distribution".

If you want to take down the release from all channels: Select "Takedown from all channels". / If you want to take down the release from one (or more) channels: Search for the specific channel in the list and select the option "Takedown" that is shown next to its name.

Continue with the payment (if required).

WARNING: Releases must maintain the original information (cover image, audios, codes, artists, etc.) so that the takedown can be successfully completed. Otherwise, the takedown could show up processing issues.


This process can take from 2 to 10 working days to be concluded in all channels. If after this deadline the content is still published, please contact the Support Department to seek for assistance (support@selfdistro.com). 

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