Naming conventions for karaoke, tribute and cover releases

There are some strict release and track naming rules to be followed when releasing cover songs, karaoke or tribute songs. 

  •     For karaoke, tribute, and cover albums, the name of the original artist must not be displayed in any artist field on the track level or the album level
  •     Track titles for cover songs or tributes must not make reference to the original artist. Do not use phrases such as “Originally Performed By,” “In the Style of,” “Tribute to,” or “Cover of.”
    Karaoke track titles can make reference to the original artist. You must use clarifying language to ensure that consumers will not think those artists are performing. You should use phrases such as “Originally Performed By... (original artist name).”
  •     The album title must not begin with the original artist name.
  •     Titles of karaoke albums and tracks must indicate that they are an instrumental or karaoke version
  •     Tribute and cover albums must not be deceptive or misleading. Do not use genres, popular song lyrics, or the original artist names as the album title, track title, or artist for karaoke. Content that is considered deceptive or misleading will be removed.
  •     Primary music genre shall stipulate 'Karaoke' for Karaoke tracks; secondary genre can be used to display the real music genre

Cover songs / karaoke / tribute Release and Tracks naming rules summary:

Release Type Cover Karaoke Tribute
Original artist name in Release title No No No



Track Type Cover Karaoke Tribute
Original artist name in Track title    No Yes* No



* using “Originally Performed By...(original artist name)”

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